farming in the future

farming in the future

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  Have you ever wondered what farming in the future will be like. At this moment in time I don’t think I can ever remember a time when there was such a divide on what is expected from agriculture. I find it difficult as a farmer to see even 5 years ahead as so much […]

is dairy ethical

Is dairy ethical

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  So is dairy ethical? for those of you that don’t know the answer to that question or maybe think that its not then let me explain why I think that it is. first off dairy cows are some of the quietest and friendliest of all cattle and that’s because they are in contact with […]

keeping chickens for beginners

keeping chickens

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  This is a guide to keeping chickens for beginners and while I am not an expert on chickens or fowl we did keep some on our home farm when I was a child and I have some friends that have some small numbers today. While you won’t in reality make any fortune keeping a […]

best electric fencers

best electric fencers

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  If you are looking for the best electric fencer then like the battery fencers the number one thing I would be looking at is joules the measurement of power that the fencer is putting out. The higher the joules the better the fence will be able to cope with and burn off vegetation. The […]