my computer broken

my computer is broken

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  My computer is broken, that’s one of the main reasons that I haven’t written anything into this blog in the last few weeks. The pixels started to go dead along the screen and then it just stopped charging and I was waiting almost a week to order a new one online. I also started […]

Irish cattle breeds

Irish cattle breeds

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    There are only four native Irish cattle breeds’ that I am aware of these cattle have been here for hundreds and in some cases maybe thousands of years. It is really only in the last seventy or eighty years that breeds’ from other countries have started to be imported and breed here in […]

parkside cordless grinder

parkside cordless drill

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Today I picked up the parkside cordless drill from Lidl. This is the PABSP 20-Li B2 model from their performance range. I needed a better drill anyway as the last one just didn’t have the power for the bigger jobs. I decided to go for the parkside drill for a few reasons. A few weeks […]

what is green energy

What is green energy

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So what is green energy, It depends on who you ask and when you ask it for what is green to one person could be an abomination to someone else. When I was growing up it was things forestry, solar, turf, wind energy, bio gas etc. A lot of these are still considered green energy […]

low cost veterinarians near me

low cost veterinarians

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  It is a term that gets searched for quite a lot on google, low cost veterinarians near me and often by people who are trying to come up with the funds to help make their pets or animals better again. With some knowledge of treating animals over the years I will give you my […]

farming t shirts

farming t shirts

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  With the ploughing championships canceled this year I thought I would show some farming t shirts a bit like the ones oneills offer there every year. The t shirts are direct from china which has some advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage as anyone who ever brought anything from aliexpress, bangood or gearbest knows is […]

frogg toggs rain gear

frogg toggs rainwear

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  frogg toggs rain wear is an American company that specialize in lightweight rain gear. With the weather we get in Ireland rain is never too far away. There are literary hundreds of brands to choose from frogg toggs rain wear does have some advantages and disadvantages over the others They have a wide range […]

miniature highland cows

miniature highland cows

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  I have recently come across miniature highland cows sale on different websites mostly in the united states and I have to admit that I am somewhat skeptical. In fact there are many different breeds of mini cattle for sale, So not being able to find answers on Wikipedia I thought I would just ask […]