parkside cordless grinder

parkside cordless drill

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Today I picked up the parkside cordless drill from Lidl. This is the PABSP 20-Li B2 model from their performance range. I needed a better drill anyway as the last one just didn’t have the power for the bigger jobs. I decided to go for the parkside drill for a few reasons. A few weeks […]

farming t shirts

farming t shirts

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  With the ploughing championships canceled this year I thought I would show some farming t shirts a bit like the ones oneills offer there every year. The t shirts are direct from china which has some advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage as anyone who ever brought anything from aliexpress, bangood or gearbest knows is […]

frogg toggs rain gear

frogg toggs rainwear

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  frogg toggs rain wear is an American company that specialize in lightweight rain gear. With the weather we get in Ireland rain is never too far away. There are literary hundreds of brands to choose from frogg toggs rain wear does have some advantages and disadvantages over the others They have a wide range […]

mens rubber boots

men’s rubber boots

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  So today I am going to talk about men’s rubber boots not wellies or work boots but something lightweight and comfortable to wear on a day that it’s too hot to wear anything else. I got this idea a few weeks back when I went out to move cattle from one field to another […]

fence fault finders

fence fault finders

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  A handy tool for electric fence fault-finding are digital fault-finders which are specially designed for the job and while all are not that cheap to buy they can save you hours of walking and if you think your time has any value then over time these devices will actually save you money. Any farmer […]

best electric fencers

best electric fencers

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  If you are looking for the best electric fencer then like the battery fencers the number one thing I would be looking at is joules the measurement of power that the fencer is putting out. The higher the joules the better the fence will be able to cope with and burn off vegetation. The […]

top 10 ladies wellies

Best ladies wellies

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  This is my top 10 for ladies wellies, I am basing my reviews on my own research and my wives personal experience of different brands that she has owned. I will try to cover a broad price range so as to suit everyones budget. With so many makes on the market today I could […]