How to raise pigs for meat

How to raise pigs for meat

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  For someone who wants to know how to raise pigs for meat I can offer this advice. You don’t need to get any special skills or knowledge and any domestic breed of pig will do fine outside over the summer I would however stay from the Vietnamese pot-bellied pig or miniature pigs while they […]

what is dairy free

what is dairy free

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  what is dairy free ? The meaning of dairy free is actually there is no dairy products at all in the food. Which is fine many people don’t want to consume dairy products for various different reasons such as being lactose intolerant or have chosen a vegan diet or maybe they just don’t like […]

farm quad bikes

Farm quad bikes

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  For anyone thinking of buying second hand farm quad bikes the first thing to ask yourself is what do you plan to use it for. If you just want something as a runaround farm vehicle for around the farm then you probably won’t need a very big machine. If you are traveling on flat […]

gorse fires in Ireland

gorse fires in ireland

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  Why is there gorse fires in Ireland every spring and early summer. That’s just a simple question but yet I have never heard it asked. I am reading every year about how this is illegal and how the people who started these fires will be brought to justice and the farmers that own the […]