highland cattle in Ireland

highland cattle in ireland

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  Highland cattle in Ireland today are still not a very popular breed. There are various reasons for this and the main one being over a long number of years there has been a push towards bigger continental type cattle. Breeds like Belgian blues, limousines, parthenais, Charolais, aubracs, etc. that have all become very popular. […]

fence fault finders

fence fault finders

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  A handy tool for electric fence fault-finding are digital fault-finders which are specially designed for the job and while all are not that cheap to buy they can save you hours of walking and if you think your time has any value then over time these devices will actually save you money. Any farmer […]

working farn dog breeds

Working farm dog breeds

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  This is my list of working farm dogs breeds from around the world. As I found out many years ago all dogs have some purpose but for many dogs that purpose is not work. I once had a great dane who was very elegant and very active he was always looking to do something […]

right to roam ireland

right to roam ireland

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    A lot of controversy has been going on over the last number of years over the right to roam in Ireland or should I say lack of the right to roam. Unlike the UK farmland in Ireland is private property much like your house or garden or any other commercial property. This means […]

applying for basic farm payments

applying for basic farm payment

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I just want to write a short piece about applying for basic farm payment because it is a question that I have been asked on occasion by different farming friends. A lot of the time the question comes up when they get an annual bill from teagasc or their agriculture consultant. The question asked is […]