Farm safety stop taking risks

Farming accident articles

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  Another important topic id like to discuss is farming accident articles and farm safety a lot has been written about farming accidents and often referred to as a freak tragic accident but in reality it is happening so often that there is nothing freak about it. We should all know by now that farms […]

The facts of pig farming

The facts of pig farming

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  As I hear a lot of talk about pig farms lately these are the facts of pig farming as I see them. Although I no longer keep pigs having worked on my own and many other large pig units over a number of years I think I am in a good position to tell […]

Hen harrier ireland

The hen harrier

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The hen harrier I decided to write about some hen harrier facts as I see them again this is my own opinion and I understand not everyone might agree with it. Personally I knew what a hen harrier was long before land was designated for its protection and long before it was written about in […]

the impact of land designations on farmers

My special protected area

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  You are probably wondering what my special protected area is well it’s not an area you might be thinking of but a very important area non the less. Back in 2007 the Irish government designated around 170.000 hectares of private farm land as Special Protected Areas or SPAs which was done to protect rare […]