How is my blog

hows my blog


How is my blog ? What a strange thing to write about but its been just one year now since I started this website. It has been slow progress in a very strange year. 2020 will be one year that most people around the world will remember for a long time. It started with another new virus in China which quickly changed to disbelief and panic and a mass rush to buy toilet paper and empty the shop shelves and prepare for something like a nuclear holocaust.

My own year has been somewhat mixed I started off with this new website and learning new things like a course I was doing in digital marketing and even writing a few articles for an online farming news site When the lock down started here the course was canceled and like most other people I was full time at home doing some farming looking after the animals while trying to study online.

How I found it

I found it difficult to keep up the regime of studying online or more so the implementation of it. Its like if there isn’t someone standing over me with a big stick I tend to put it off until tomorrow. I still stayed at it but could be a bit all over the place around when I would work on the farm or when I would write and when I would study so it became somewhat of a juggling act. Most probably because its all new to me.

Before last year I had never written anything other that what I had to for homework many moons ago while I was in school and even back then I wrote as little as possible. By the middle of summer I decided it might be better to work off farm for a while just even to get back some structure into daily life. So I worked briefly on a goat farm and around 4 months in a recycling center driving a digger.

It was interesting enough to be in a new place but it did take me away from other jobs that I wanted to do around the farm and around online learning. The course I was doing in the evenings on digital marketing also started up during this time again so I worked from 8 to 6 and then went to collage from 7 to 10 and was home at 11 to get up again at 6 am. This left me with little time for farming or writing. Although the course was jut 2 evenings a week It was still a bit of a juggling act.

I am starting a new job in the new year which is more aligned with online marketing and web design which I am looking forward to.

At times there is always a voice in my head saying give up this foolishness and get a real job and no doubt I am probably not the only one thinking it but I do believe in putting in the time and effort to see if something will work or not.

I can see through a tool called google analytics that the volume of people coming to my website is improving and more articles are starting to rank higher in googles search engine.

I have also noticed that it has made it to number 46 in the top 50 farming blogs on

The one thing that it can not tell me however and what I would really like to know is what the readers think. At the moment I am just writing what ever comes into my head and at times that might be a bit disorganized like myself.


Like I do wonder should I be writing about more product reviews or more about animals or maybe even just more opinionated stories of things I find interesting or maybe just more about myself.

At times its easy to get too caught up with technical stuff that goes on behind the scenes like keyword research and search engine optimization Ault tags plugins etc. and lose track of what matters the most writing and connecting with people, So I thought of the one thing I could do to find out that online tools could not tell me and that’s just to ask people that are coming to my site.

What would you like to see more or less of or should I just keep going as I have been over the past year. Any feed back you could offer in the comment box below positive or negative would be appreciated, Constructive criticism would be welcome too. So after one year of work how is my blog.

3 thoughts on “How is my blog

  1. Truth to be told, i dont know what else would have kept me busy besides my website this year. This year has been a blessing in disguise where everything seems to crack down. Only the people with eyes that can see opportunities and people with websites are on the verge of success especially during in this covid times.

  2. Hello there! I like the way you have asked questions about your blog, it is good to ask people about their opinion concerning ones business or website, this is because it helps to know the area to focus on and what needs to be added in the website, for a truth , your blog is really great, you are doing a great job, as it is not easy to be a blogger, what I advise is for you to keep working hard.

    1. Thanks Its now easy to know what readers are thinking and the only way I will know how I might need to improve is to ask for feedback thanks for taking the time to respond I appreciate it .

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