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Mascot Workwear

mascot workwear


If you have read some other posts I have written about winter workwear and lightweight hiking gear like frog toggs rain gear you will see I am a fan of Helly Hansen work clothing. Another quality Danish brand that I think is very good quality is Mascot.

Around 5 years ago I picked up a set of Mascot Pavao 2 piece waterproof pants and jacket. It was a spur of the moment buy mainly because they were on sale but it was also because as soon as I picked them off the shelf I could see how light they were and they just felt something of quality.

At the time I did not really need them and I was debating about spending that much on what I would just call an oils suit. It was not the fact that they were on sale but how they felt that was the deciding factor in me making the purchase. It was like a very soft lightweight rubber.

Although they were double the price of a pair I would normally get at the local hardware or agri store I knew they were something different and something that would be completely waterproof and breathable and also the weight was a lot less.

Mascot Pavao Workwear Rain Jacket and Trouser

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You would expect something that feels like soft rubber to be heavy but it is very light but also seems to me to be strong. I have the pair I purchased over 4 years now and they still feel the same as the day I picked them up in the shop first day.

Admittedly I don’t wear them every day and tend to take better care of them than I might take of a cheap pair but still in my view they have stood the test of time.

I have used them power washing sheds yards, fencing, farming, walking and I have not gotten wet once in over 4 years. I know some people reading this are thinking ya right this guy is just trying to make a commission on a sale but that is not the case. I have seen these in woodies and other stores that sell the mascot range of work clothes and you can go in store and try them on for yourself.

How they have lasted

I’m sure just like any other pair they could get caught on a nail or any other sharp object and rip but that has not happened me yet.

I would also say that I am not the best to look after some stuff and it would be unusual for something to last over 4 years for me and still be as good as new. To me that is a mark of a quality product and although I have not yet purchased anything else in the mascot range if the Paveo waterproof gear is anything to go by they are well worth the price tag.

mascot pavao coat

How they feel

As well as being light and comfortable and lasting longer than any pair I have had previously the other reason I am giving them such a good review is that I have never once gotten wet which is the main reason for having waterproofs. Like I have brought other makes before that were supposed to be waterproof but after a few hours power washing or being caught out in heavy rain the water would start to get in through the pockets or sleeves or sometime even through the material itself.

Other pairs would be fine for a few months but then the waterproof lining on the inside would get hard and crack or the rubber material on the outside would wear through or the zip would break all which would lead to me getting cold wet and grumpy.

My conclusion

The mascot paveo waterproofs are without doubt one of the best pairs that I have ever owned and I would highly recommend them for anyone looking for something lightweight and durable for walking or working.

Mascot is an expensive enough brand of clothing anyway but the paveo is one of their cheapest items on sale and in my view well worth the money. There are plenty other waterproofs from mascot for sale on Amazon like the one piece

Tombos Safe Arctic Pile Lining Waterproof Class 3 Winter Boilersuit

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The tombos arctic boiler suit might be more suitable for cold winter conditions and belong in another article I wrote about winter workwear and I don’t want to go too off topic as there is a whole range of mascot clothing suited to every occasion. I wanted to just write about something that I have tried and tested and put through its paces over several years which is the paveo rain jacket and trousers. If I was asked to give them marks or a rating it would be 10/10 as they are to date the best all round pair that I have owned.




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