I got brand new combine harvester

I got a brand new combine harvester


So I got a brand new combine harvester is a catchy tune at the bottom of this article but this week I had a guest writer write a little about harvesters. I have to say that I don’t know too much about combine harvesters myself which is why I used someone else to write about them. I have been on a forage harvester a few times but spent most of the time either in drawing grass on the tractor or on the pit with the loader.

I also came across this video which I found interesting enough which explains the basic controls of a harvester for someone who wants to get an idea how it works before heading out into a field for proper training. Its by a guy called Steven Harper and he explains it in an easy to follow and funny way.


As farming plays a vital role in the development and economy of the country. Farmers are highly skilled realistic on when and how they manufacture a certain type of item in certain lands. In the United Kingdom farming is a major source of profit and satisfies the good percentage of their regional consumption of food required. The United Kingdom produces 60% of the food they need with only 2% of the labor force. The main crops grown in the UK are cereals, chiefly wheat, oats, and barley, other crops like cabbage, kale, pears, apple, etc. are also cultivated. With the advancement in the mechanical field, every other farming task has been replaced with some digital farming tools. Farming has become much easier and convenient mainly because of this advancement. The process of cultivation, harvesting, and another farming process could be done in no time with less human effort. One of the fine inventions in the mechanical field is Harvesting Machines, which not only makes the process of harvesting easy but also helps the farmers to tackle with aftermath task.


A harvester is a machine that is used to efficiently harvest crop diversity. It will help you cut and gather all your crops and thereby reduce human labor. This machine is used to carry out three separate operations. i.e. Harvest, thresh, and winnow in one single process. These three processes are carried out in one step with the use of a combine harvester system. To create a small lane that fits down, the header is disconnected and dragged lengthwise behind the harvester. The slowly spinning wheel drives down the crops into the cutter. It has horizontal bars fleas and vertical teeth that are used to protect the stalks of the plants. This spinning wheel is called reel or pickup reel. This is how the harvester operates to cut the crops. The combined harvester works automatically in the field, you only need to drive the harvester machine and the rest of the work is done by this remarkable invention itself. With the support of its spinning wheel, elevators, and sieves, it will thresh, harvest, and collect all the crops and grains. Based on our research top 3 Harvesters which are highly recommended in the UK are as follows:-


CLAAS is a name that is known in the farming industry for quite a long period mainly because of its high-tech and qualitative farming tools and Machines. They are among the top manufacturers of harvesting Machines. One of the most remarkable inventions by CLASS Group is Class Lexion 460 evolution Combine Harvester. Class Lexion 460 evolution combine harvester is used for grain harvesting. This invention of Claas makes the harvesting process quick, convenient and delivers superior productivity in crops. This Machine has a power of 235 kW / 320 KM with a turbine of 320 HP. This invention of Claas works on 6 cylinders and have hard disk brakes. The overall dimension includes a height of 387 m, length including header is 10.64 m and width without header is 3.9 m. The weight of this Claas Lexion evolution is 15400 kg. Its total screening area is 5.8 m2
which is covered by the fan. It also holds 6 straw walkers and also it provides grain loss indicator. Hence, if you are looking for another farming tool mainly to harvest your grains smoothly then Claas Lexion 460 evolution combine harvester is highly recommended.


If you are looking for a comprehensive farming tool that covers all the operations necessary for your Wheat crop then NEW HOLLAND CR10.90 is a final stop to your search.

New Holland CR10.90 is a combined Harvester that has made life much easier not only for humans but for animals as well. The huge cutting head of CR10.90 chops the grains head off wheat stalks and pull them into the threshing machine that thoroughly demolishes the wheat ears to take out the grains. At that point, it swings and flips the wheat around to remove the grain from the husks and flames each piece out an alternate gap so the grains can be gathered for processing, and the waste can be utilized as domesticated animals feed or else could be disposed of. It has a grain tank of 14,500L with a hydraulic rotating cover. The dynamic feed rolls and rotor drive control work efficiently. It has an engine of 700hp with widespread of 13.7m. CR10.90 has twin pitch plus rotors that give better power output. This machine is highly recommended for those who are willing to invest a bit heavy amount and ready for its maintenance cost to avail of all its remarkable offerings.


John Deere s790 combine harvester is a farming tool that comes as a combine harvester package that assists you in organizing, enhancing, and automating key mixture functions as circumstances change. It gives you an automatic active yield sensor that gives us precise results without wasting any time. It provides high-capacity harvesting in corn and beans. It helps to improve grain quality and help us achieve more profit. It has a power of 400Kw with a fuel capacity of 1250L. The great grain tank size is 14,100L. It gives you a premium chopper corn harvesting kit and also an air conversion kit. It has a green star Display Corner post Bracket. From its specifications, it is evident that this machine is a heavy-duty machine and hence can perform flawlessly.


Summing up all, if you are a part of the farming world or else is planning to get into this field, it is essential to have some farming tools in your hand. Combined Harvesters are one of the most convenient machines that make the farming task easy. Although there are many harvesting machines available, based on our research some of the best machines are discussed with their features above. All three machines come with some promising features and are highly recommended if someone wants to invest in farming machines.


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