Fly tipping

Fly tipping


Fly tipping seems to be getting worse in rural areas in recent years and for the landowners that owns the land it can lead to stress as well as the financial cost of cleaning it up. In a way I can understand why some people would do it as there are some people out there who might have to face very difficult choices.

If someone who is facing a choice of paying the electricity bill or food for the family for the week or even Christmas presents for the kids compared to refuse collection charges then in a way I can see why they would look for the best option for them and their families.

Then their are other cases I have read about where someone dumped dead calves and animals which in my view is just passing their issues on to someone else because they can’t be bothered to deal with it themselves. It costs 15 euros to have a calf collected and disposed of properly and if someone can’t afford that why not bury it on their own land rather than dumping it on someone elses and having another person facing possible prosecution for their actions.

In most cases I think fly tipping is just passing the problem onto someone else. If they really wanted to do something about it they could always protest by putting it into bins around the town that would be collected by the council and paid for by the government.

I am saying that because I think it would be a better system if every ones household rubbish was collected for free and paid for through taxes. It might be a cheaper and cleaner way than having someone else clean up after fly tippers.

Or why not have the supermarkets made to offer free recycling of plastic wrapping because it seems everything has to come in plastic wrapping these days. If the supermarkets or manufacturers had to pay the fees to have it recycled maybe they might not use as much of it.

I am not trying to excuse people who are dumping their rubbish illegally on other peoples land and only talking about ways they can be stopped or discouraged. It is not fair on the land owners who will have to clean up the mess again and pay to have it disposed of properly.

Another possible way of trying to stop people fly tipping on your land is by placing signs up for no dumping or warning of surveillance cameras but that might only have the effect of moving them on down the road further to a quieter spot.

TOGUARD Mini Wildlife Camera 1

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A trail camera like the Toguard camera can offer a simple solution for under 50 quid. Trail or Trap cameras work of standard AA batteries and record pictures or video onto an SD memory card that is stored inside of it. they can be easily mounted almost anywhere like onto a tree or pole and you don’t need to have any electricity cables or wires.

It can be set up to record only when motion is detected and also you have an option to have a date and time on the recordings if you need it as evidence at a later date. They claim the battery can last up to 5 months on standby so even if you just wanted to catch regular fly tippers in the act this relatively cheap camera could do the job for you and you could replace batteries every month or two just to be safe.

Once you find rubbish dumped again you can check the camera footage and you will have the photos or video recorded on the SD card as evidence.

If you want a more long term solution more expensive trap cameras can have a 12v input that you can connect to a 12v battery that can in turn be charged from a solar panel that can give you all year round protection in remote areas without a power supply.


QSMGRBGZ Hunting Camera,1080p

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I am not even going to attempt to pronounce the name of the above camera but it is a good example of a higher priced trail camera that can send pictures to your phone or email through a sim card. The battery will last a lot longer than the standard AA batteries in the cheaper cameras and it also has a power inlet so you can also connect a solar system like the kit below after if you wish. They only thing is your costs are going up but it all depends on what your needs are.

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I have met a farmer who has a camera very similar to the above kit on an out farm where he lives a bit away from and there had been things stolen in the past. The camera is mounted on a tree in the lane way leading into the farm and every time someone come down the lane way he gets a photo of the car or person sent to his phone or email.

You would need a sim card that needs to be topped up every few months or one on a cheap plan like 48 or gomo. I know some people are so brazen that they would nearly climb the tree and steal the camera but at least with this system you will have a nice picture of him on your phone to show to the police or on social media.

Hidden cameras

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Hidden cameras in the right spot is another way of catching fly tippers and could be used as a last resort when all else fails. With the evidence of a recording catching them in the act you could take it to the local council or even take a civil action for the clean up costs.

Spy cameras are tiny now and can be hidden anywhere. I have even seen where they were installed in the rubbish itself like an old fridge or TV where the battery and all the components were inside and just a small hole drilled out for the camera to see outside facing the roadway.

They generally need some extra components and can be a little harder to set up outside but if you are in an area with lots of serial fly tippers regularly dumping rubbish on your property it can be a very effective and covert way of catching them in the act.

The camera you go with will all depend on your own situation a cheap trail camera and a sign can be quite effective to stop fly tipping and moving most people on but you will know yourself the issues you are having in your area and what works best for you.

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