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beanie hats for men

Beanie hats for men


Not something I thought I would be writing about but beanie hats for men is something that caught my interest lately and knowing that it’s my go to hat when going out on a winters’ day it put me thinking that most other working class men around the world must probably worn one at one stage or another too.

They are cheap warm keep your head dry and keep your ears warm and if you start to get too hot they can easily fit in your pocket. So when I cam across a few on amazon lately that offered something extra I thought why not write about them. It can’t be much worse than what I am writing about already. (I hope)

Heekpek Scarf and Hat Set


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For a very reasonable price you could get this stylish hat and neck warmer for those extra cold winter days. With fur lining on the inside and acrylic knit on the outside in a range of 10 different coulors it seemed to me to be good value for money. There are just days when the wind would blow through you and chill you to the bone and spending around 3 quid extra for a hat with a soft fleece lining and a free scarf to boot would be something I would be happy to have going out on a winters’ day.

PRAVETTE LED Lighted Beanie Hat

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What about a hat with a light if your flash light is back in the car or someone borrowed it and forgot to bring it back again you can always have a spare light on your hat. You could always scratch you head and complain about nits or lice which should put them off borrowing your hat.

It is also rechargeable with a USB cable so no need to worry about changing batteries. The light has 3 intensity settings and can be just pulled out when you want to trow the hat in the wash and put back in again after. You have a choice of 11 colours and the battery should give you light for around ten hours per charge. Click on the image and watch the video on the amazon site for more information.

XIKEZAN Upgraded Unisex Knit Bluetooth Beanie

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So if the radio is broke on the tractor and the boss won’t fix it you can now get a hat with built in Bluetooth speakers to connect to the music on your phone. Music that can be downloaded from MP3 juice for free or so I heard. The reason I mentioned this hat is it’s the cheapest and was also on amazons choice so has plenty good reviews. It also has a high volume it claims 120db so you should hear the music even on the old MF 35.

A lot of younger lad reading this probably wondering what the hell a MF35 is and it’s probably me showing my age. I’ll put it this way don’t complain to me if you go deaf from the music or the tractor as both would be very loud.

Etsfmoa Unisex Bluetooth Beanie Hat with Light,4 LED

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So if you want it all the lights and the speakers and are planning a party on the tractor or farm that’s possible too you can get the Bluetooth hat and built in light all in one. It even comes in high vis as well If you need it to match up with other winter workwear as a whole range of other colours. Again the light and speakers can be taken out when going in the wash You should have enough for around 8 hours of music per charge to keep you dancing all day.

HEAT HOLDERS Mens Heatweaver Thermal Beanie Hat

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If your boss ends up shouting at you calls you a fool and to take off that stupid had because you can’t hear a word he is saying to you and concentrate on what you are doing, the don’t worry you can just get a heat holder hat to keep your head warm and is even short enough to let your ears stick out if it’s not too cold. It is a 3.4 tog heavy thermal hat with furry lining and with 4.7 out of 5 stars on amazon it has to be good.


Helly Hansen Men’s Fleece Beanie Winter Hat

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There are branded hats like helly hansen if you would like your hat to match up with other work wear . It is a good price for an original branded fleece Helly Hanson hat although there were on or two complaints of it being a bit small. In theory there are such a rang of hats out there now that I could be listing them until next week.

I have come across beanie hats with a hole on top to pull your hair through if you had long hair or any hair for that matter You can even have your own text or company logo printed on to the hat or even buy one for your boss but I won’t tell you what to have printed on it, Maybe Worlds Greatest B****** oss or something.

The choice is yours I just mentioned a few that caught my attention.


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