legitimate ways to make money from home

legitimate ways to make money from home


Here are some legitimate ways to make money at home. I was going to start another website on this topic at some stage in the future when I had more experience but with the amount of people around the world out of work at the moment it might be a good a time as any to share my experiences.

I feel the implications of this virus will effect us all in one way or another and like most people I am worried about an uncertain future. That doesn’t mean that you should worry too much about what you cant change but rather look for the things that you can change in your life now that may improve it in the future.

First off there is way too many scams out there and everybody wants your money. That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible but just that you would want to be careful double check everything by searching reviews and be wary of fake reviews.

Also I don’t trust anybody that tells you that you are going to be a millionaire it could happen but like any business it will take an awful lot of work to get to that point. You can sign up to do online surveys and make very small sums of money for your time that you put in, and you could be competing with people from third world countries who will be happy working for a dollar a day which wouldn’t go too far in this side of the world.

Learn new skills

To start to have any hope of making real money or even a full time living working from home you will need to learn new skills and put in the work and effort just like any other job outside of the home. Like any job being self-employed nobody is going to pay you while you are building your business and nobody is going to pay for your education.

Once you learn the skills there are places online that will pay you to work for them but it’s up to you to learn the skills that you need. it one place for online jobs or any of the five others below.


There are lots of different skills that you could learn and possibly too many to go into here like software development, content writing, digital marketing, drop shipping web development and many others but what I would do is learn as much as possible for free and pick one thing at a time and learn it then keeps practicing it over and over until you get good at it.

You could learn from YouTube to set up a free website on word and practice until you have a good enough understanding of it but I would not be following videos telling you to pay to sign up to an offer do as much as you possibly can for free. Everyone will try to make money from you including me but I feel that it is better to be honest about and let you know up front what to expect.

beware of tricksters

Lots of free courses have a catch down the road and while you might get something free or very cheap upfront there are usually more things to pay for as you move forward. For example free website, then you might need a domain name for 5 euros than you need hosting service for 20 euros a ssl certificate for 50 euros then after a year the price of everything goes up and your website has gone nowhere because you don’t understand things like search engine optimization and you don’t show up on googles search engine.

There is a lot to learn and a lot of tricksters that want to part you with your cash and very few will tell you about the extra costs down the road. They also won’t tell you about the amount of work that you will have to put in or how long it will take you to start earning money from it.

My experence

This is not my first go at building a website or a blog I had and and probably one or two others but I dropped them because I didn’t understand what I was doing but they did give me the practice that I needed to improve.

When I started this site it was based around my own farm and work experience that I have worked at with around 30 years so I knew it would be easier to write about things based on my own option and experience. I also would not have to research everything to find out about it before wrote about it. It is also good practice for me to be able to improve my skills as I am learning.

I think it is good for anybody stuck at home to keep there mind occupied and learning new skills and an online course is a good enough way to keep busy. If you are interested in setting up your own business then I think being able to build your own website and understanding how it works is essential as it will be the foundation to anything you do online.

As I said there are many routes and options that you can take but the one I chose was affiliate marketing which is where you can review products that you believe in and if someone buys something through your link you could earn a small commission. The other one I was considering was drop shipping which is where you would sell the product and it would be sent straight to the customer by the wholesaler.

So is it easy?

Yes and no. yes once you learn how it’s done and practice how it’s done it becomes as easy as using Facebook or the internet or doing anything else on your computer or phone. You just learn the right buttons to click and then you don’t even think about it anymore the same as you don’t have to think about surfing the net.

NO because there’s a lot of learning and practicing and if you are not prepared to put in the work and effort required don’t even bother starting. To compare it to farming it’s like starting from scratch buying animals rearing them and looking after them every day in the belief that in a few years you can make a good profit.

You need to work on it every day like milking cows you can’t just decide to milk them some days. Starting something online takes the same dedication and effort to make it work for you. In affiliate marketing around 97% of people that try it fail and I am not saying this to put you of but just so you know it’s not the get rich scheme that some would have you believe.

That means that you will have to be in the top 3% to be successful. The best way to do that is to start in the right place and keep going with a never give up attitude and put in the work every day for the first few years. If you are not prepared to put in that much effort and want to get rich now then buy a lottery ticket you will have better odds than finding something genuine on the internet.

If you do decide to stick it out and learn while putting in the daily effort then the rewards can be great you could have an online business worth a lot of money and be able to work from any place with internet access on the planet. Which would also practically be passive income. The potential for growth can also be massive google and Facebook started out as clever websites that grew into two of the biggest companies on the web.

Do something

There are many things that you can do stuck at home but I think it’s important for our mental health that we challenge ourselves to do something. Go out for a quite walk do some volunteer work or learn a new language it doesn’t matter . There are plenty free videos on YouTube that can teach you things.

If you want to learn more about what I am doing with everything in one place I would recommend because I know it is not a scam and everything is laid out in step by step training and instructions. Its free to have a look and try out for a week and there pricing is upfront if you want to become a premium member. The only thing I didn’t realize was that there was a charge of around 13 euros to register a new website domain but everything else was upfront on pricing with brilliant support from the coaches and other members on the course.

I could probably start a new website on this subject alone so I will just leave it there and if you have any other questions about anything related to this just ask in the comment box below

8 thoughts on “legitimate ways to make money from home

  1. In line with my farming work, I also do the freelance writing and ghost writing at intervals when I’m free. This is really good to see here and thank you so much for sharing out here. Well! I never thought it could be easy to blog on a farm and experiences around it but navigating through your site has proven me wrong. Thanks for providing details here. 

  2. Hi!

    Very interesting post. I like your comparison between affiliate marketing and starting a farm, because it is true. You need to work at it every day, be consistent, and very patient. I also do affiliate marketing and I have to remind myself that it takes time and effort, so your article is a great reminder for me. 

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Like anything you need to work on it to be successful but I think it is also important to be honest with people I hate all these videos on YouTube saying this is how I became a millionaire and you can too just click here. It works but you need to work at it

  3. Like so many others these days, I am looking for ways to make some money at home.  I can’t even count the number of sites I have looked at to find some additional sources of income. Boy – are you ever correct about the scammers!!! I really appreciate your honesty about where you are and where you are learning.  So, are you planning to go into affiliate marketing in addition to farming?  Or have you already started doing it?  Was wondering what types of things the Wealthy Affiliate program has to offer. Also, wondering what personal experience you have had with them?  I guess most important of all have you  had good luck with tech support?  I have found the learning curve on all of this to be pretty big – so I want to work with companies who have good support.  What has your experience been?

    1. Hi Janice wealthy affiliate are based in Canada but have members all over the world. They have full site and tech support included with there membership and offer 24 hour support. Members help out other members too and there is a live chat too where you can get any questions answered straight away. Learning to build a website and adding links is the easy part but building it into a business will take time. What I like about it is everything is included and you have step by step training.

      The reason it takes time is its free method blogging and there is other training sites that teach paid advertising methods but you need to have more money for that method and I think you would be better to learn how it works and if is something you are going to stick at before you start spending money. You could try it free or even pay for one month to see what you think.

  4. Hello. Thank you so very much for your article on the legitimate way to make money from home. Personally am so honored to have an encounter with this website and here I have learned that I can render services as a freelancer and get paid and also the fact that I can learn from the wealthy affiliate with all that they offer. I am signing up. Thanks.

  5. Wow! This is so educative and the motivation I received is so immense. You are indeed an amazing writer, so skillful with words and your content is constructively structured. Money won’t come unless there is acquisition of knowledge. It is through learning that knowledge can be sought. 

    Thanks for sharing this insightful article with me.

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