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With winter closing in and evenings getting shorter I thought it might be a good time to review some of the best outdoor led lights on sale today. Led lights have improved a lot over the last 10 years and I feel now is a good time to fix up or replace old lights around the yards and outdoor spaces.

Not only are Led lights cheap to buy but they are cheaper to run than older light bulbs They can give out a lot more light and will pay back for themselves in electricity savings over time. Led light output is measured in lumens and the higher the number of lumens the brighter the light it will give out.

Depending on the area you want to light up would determine the amount of lumens you should go for and the hight that you should mount the light fixture. Led lights are often sold in two colours warm white which has a sort of yellow tinge much like traditional light bulbs or white light which is much closer to daylight colour.

I would prefer the white light option as I feel it seems to give out more light but I suppose it depends on the setting and how much light you want. The warm white might suit the front of a house and look more inviting but for a farm yard or industrial setting I would go with the white colour all day long or should I say all night long.

The price depends on a lot of factors you can get very good value for example if you are willing to wait longer and buy direct from china through someplace like ali express and fit the lights yourself. Before anyone goes mental on me I am not suggesting you should go and buy an inferior product and attempt to fit it without knowing what you are doing

If however you know how to wire up a light fitting where you are replacing an existing one which in my view is almost the same as wiring a plug as there is only three wires an earth a live and a neutral then why not. I know that all led lights are made in china nowadays anyway so you can make savings from buying from there

The drawback with buying from china is the time that it takes for the item to get here which can take weeks and sometime it will get held up by customs when it arrives until you pay duty here. That depends where the item is being shipped from and where it is going to The UK has different taxes and rules than Ireland for example some items under a certain value are free

Some sellers on aliexpress are now shipping from warehouses in Europe which cuts out duty and speeds up delivery times. I have brought from aliexpress and gearbest a lot in the past and never had any problems only the longer wait for items coming from china.

I find Amazon or EBay to be faster at delivery as stock is often coming from the UK but we are still not sure what the case will be after brexit. I wonder why Ireland is tied in a way with amazon UK given that our curacy is euros and not pounds.

That being said if you wanted to you can buy from Amazon in Germany France or Italy too and just change the language settings to english

OK so to get back to the lights below are just some of what is on offer and worth considering to light up farm yards or outside areas for the dark winter evenings. For the sake of not getting to over complicated I am just going to list out door yard lights in this review and leave security lights with motion sensors for another review.

Led Floodlight, 100W LED Outdoor Security Light with IP66 Waterproof, 10000LM, 6500K Daylight White

This light puts out 10000 lumens and at 100 watts they claim it puts out the same light as a 12000 watt Incandescent Bulb and will save 80% on electricity for the same amount of light. Mounted high on the outside of a shed this should give good light around most farmyards. They claim it will last 50000 hours but in my experience most led lights don’t last as long as the seller claims in real life so personally I take those claims with a piece of salt.

Still at the price for the amount of light and what you will save changing light bulbs the Led light will still save you money over time and more importantly give you light when and where you need it.

STASUN 150W 13500lm Outdoor Security Lights with Wider Lighting Angle,

I like this set up because you can angle the lights to suit your needs and you are in affect getting three lights which you can move to eliminate ant dark spots in the yard. It is 150 watts but as these lights would be on a switch just giving you light when you need it I wouldn’t worry about it too much. They are putting out 13500 lumens of light which would be plenty to light up most yards and while they are a bit up on price from the previous light you are in effect getting 3 lights built into one.

NATUR 2 Pack 200W LED Outdoor Lighting Flood Lights, Ultra Slim and Lightweight Design, 20000LM 6000K

In a lot of yards there are different areas that need to be lit up for example different sides of a shed or different yards or buildings this seller has different bundles of lights on offer depending on your needs and generally you will save on price and postage buying extra lights from one place. Lights on offer range from 20w right up to 400w putting out a whopping 40000 lumens of light.

There is also a handy chart suggesting the mounting hight for different lights and giving a rough estimate of the area to light up. This would be worth a look at to if you are replacing old existing lights and can measure the hight they are mounted at or if you can get a rough measurement of the size of the yard you want to light up.

Personally I feel around a farmyard the more light the better but this can be an overkill for others. Again I think the measurement of lumens give a better rating of light emitted than watts which is just the power consumed and does not take in to count the energy efficiency of the light.

CampHiking® 8 Pack Security Lights,LED FloodLight,1000W,Super Bright Landscape Spotlight,80000lm

Speaking of over the top if you would like to light up the yard like a football stadium and keep the neighbors awake all night (only kidding) you could go for an eight pack of camphike super bright spotlights that put out 8000 lumens of light. In fairness this is over the top for most farm yards unless you want to light up a field and work all night cutting silage. All the same I thought I would mention just to give an idea of the range of the outdoor led lights on sale at the moment and prices that are on offer.

Ali express also have good value on lights but you will have a longer wait for delivery and I think now is a good enough time to be working on lights outside not in the middle of winter when cold rain and hailstones are pelting down on top of you. As some farmers will be thinking of drying off cows over the next few months and the workload is quietening down having good working lights around the yard for next January and February would be worth thinking about now.

Whether you just want to change the bulbs or upgrade to led lights is entirely your decision but I just wanted to show some of the lights on offer. I can’t say any particular make is better than another but all the ones mentioned have very good reviews online. If you are putting them outdoors as I assume you would be make sure they are waterproof An IP66 rating means they are properly tested for this.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece of information with us. I must say I really did enjoy going through your review as it contains valuable information one needs to be aware of. I would prefer the white light option as I feel it seems to give out more light but I suppose it depends on the setting and how much light you want. I think the led lights are cheap and durable

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