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outdoor winter work clothes

outdoor winter work clothes


With the weather turning colder again I thought I would write a bit about outdoor winter work clothes. Now winter work clothes are not the easiest thing to write about mainly because days can be so changeable here from one day to the next. It really depends too on what kind of physical work you will be doing for instance I find padded overalls great for keeping out the wind and cold but they are not all completely waterproof if you are out in the rain all day and I tend to sweat a lot once I start doing any level of physical work leading me to take off the padded overalls which kind of defeats the purpose.

Dickies Mens Padded Heavy Duty Coverall Overall

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Dickies do a good waterproof overall that has plenty pockets and zips and will keep you warm and dry on the worst of days just remember what I was saying above about doing physical work. I think the padded overalls are a great option if you know you are going to be standing around out on a cold wet or sleety day.

Like fishing or directing traffic or going out to feed cattle or sheep any handy jobs where you want to stay warm and dry. If you are planning doing a lot of work and think the weather might change like the sun making an appearance then I think you would be better off going for an option where you can strip off layers depending on how hot or cold that you get.

I have had both a padded coveralls and a dungeres and jacket. I think having layers gives more flexibility but that can often depend on what the weather is like outside and what I am doing work wise.

Helly Hansen Workwear Helly Hansen Potsdam Pant

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I have a pair of these myself and find they are comfortable to work in they are light and flexible and very strong and waterproof. You can zip off and remove the back and straps of the dungarees and just wear it as pants if you want to. While the helly hansen line of clothing are not cheap there is a reason for that meaning they are very good. Although I have seen this same item on an Irish website for over 200 euros so I think amazon are doing a good deal on this range of workwear.

I am not going to mention other brand names but I have brought other so called waterproofs before where the lining cracked after a few wears and rain would get in or the zips would break and to me there is nothing worse than being stuck out in the cold all day drowned to the skin.

That is why personally I would rather spend a days wages on something I know is going to keep me warm and dry for at least a few years. These are easy to clean and I would think hard to tear and while they don’t seem to be too heavily padded they do an excellent job at keeping out the wind and cold.

I would usually wear them with either a jacket or a body warmer depending on what the day was like outside.

Helly Hansen Jacket

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While I don’t have the helly hansen jacket yet I would consider buying one based on the dungarees and other peoples reviews on their line of clothing. While there are cheaper options you are getting a good brand name and some of there jackets like their weyburn parka jacket are costing over 600 euros so in comparison this jacket comes in at very good value.

Maybe when the jacket I have now wears out I will buy this and update this review. I like the style and removable hood it doesn’t seem too baggy or bulky like the jacket I have now either which can be hard to work all day in.

While I would pay for a good jacket or pants or overalls to keep me warm and dry during the winter I am not as fussy when it comes to under garments. Lidl or aldi have good work pants in from time to time which in my view last a lot longer than jeans. Tescos or pennys have cheap t shirts etc.

the main thing is to stay warm dry and safe as possible especially if you are out working on roads on dark winter mornings. This might seem more like a promotion for helle hansen than winter clothing but I am impressed by the quality of there clothing, you can see more of their range here

Hi Viz Vis Bodywarmer Fleece Lined Reversible

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This body warmer will match up with the pants or jacket if the sun should come out and it gets too hot to work in the jacket. It seems waterproof to so only your sleeves and head will get wet. Although id imagine it would be a good wind breaker and for the price would be a handy addition to the more expensive work clothes.

It should keep you seen and might also slow down traffic as they could well mistake you for a police man bringing the cows across the road to milk them. If you are worried the luminous yellow will frighten the cows it’s reversible so you can wear it inside out when you get them across the road.

I find a gilet or body warmer like this easier to work with than a jacket in the right conditions mainly being that it’s not pelting rain. The gilet above has lots of positive reviews from almost a thousand customers which is another thing I like about amazon you can learn from others who brought stuff before you.

MyShoeStore Hi Vis Viz 2 Two Tone Hoody Sweatshirt High Visibility Workwear Jumper

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Just for anyone who wants to go all out and complete the kit a good hoody is a nice addition to have on any winters’ day. While they might not be to everyones taste anyone who has been outside for a period of time in – 4 degree winds on a wet winter morning will know what I mean when I say you would be glad of the hood.

If it’s a choice between a frozen face or looking like a local drug dealer I would pick the hood every time. A hat of course will be something everyone will wear during the winter but a hat won’t stop that sideways frozen rain. I really hate that sideways frozen rain and I can really write about a hat that would be just silly.


2 thoughts on “outdoor winter work clothes

  1. I would take looking like a drug dealer over getting soaked too. XD While I don’t have much use for this is day to day, the more I look at the Dickies ones the more I think ‘I could do with that to go over my motorbike gear’. Not kidding, driving through the rain on a motorbike in wales – you get drenched. Things say waterproof but that doesn’t mean there Wales proof. The rainout there goes through everything and that dickies one looks promising. 

    1. I know well I used to drive a bike myself many years ago. Even a good set of leathers will let water in if the day is wet enough. I would say generally the more you spend the better the gear gets. Its one thing standing in the rain but another to have rain hitting you sideways at 120km an hour. A one piece does sound better as less openings. I wrote about a two piece mascot pavao that I have as well and it is very waterproof if you could tusk the sleves into the gloves and have the legs outside the boots it might be a cheaper option. 

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