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best winter wellies

best winter wellies


This is my list of the best winter wellies for 2020/21 season. I think in an ideal world people should have 2 pairs one for summer and one for the winter. A single pair can be worn all year around but you will usually find they are either too cold for the winter or two hot for the summer.

In my experience some cheaper wellies don’t last and will eventually crack or puncher letting water in some more expensive pairs will too but you might have more comfort walking around every day while they do last. I am basing my review here on value for money and comfort rather than style alone.


While all the wellies will keep your feet warm and snug for the winter season the wellies in the top 3 here are in my opinion the best for price, comfort and durability Given the time they should last and comfort they provide in the long term they would offer better overall value than cheaper pairs.

Over the last number of years there has been an explosion of new companies entering the wellington market catering for all seasons and tastes from high end fashion to festivals to farming or fishing. This list are my overall best value wellies for the winter season.


No. 10

Blizzard Dunlop Unisex Adulto Para Forro Wellington

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The blizzard dunlop is an average dunlop wellie and is warm and comfortable for the price. They are a snug boot not too heavy and in my view should last about as long as any other dunlop wellie which is around one winter. You can get them in a dark green dark navy blue or light blue and gray. If my budget was limited I would buy them but knowing what other good wellies are out there I think I would personally go for something better if I had the funds to do so.

No. 9

Dirt Boots Neoprene Wellington Muck Field Boots

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The dirt boots are like a cheaper copy of muck boots and like a lot of cheaper copies they might look similar but the quality is not going to be up to the par as the real deal that costs double the price. Still, they are a half decent winter welly and that neoprene will keep you dry and snug at least until the wellie fails which it probably will eventually but it should be good for the winter at least with any look. Again if I was on a budget they would be worth considering. They have good grip are available in black or khaki and have a nice buckle on the back to give you more adjustment. They would also suit a wider calf due to this adjustment.

No. 8

Hoggs of Fife Field Sport Neo-Lined Rubber Wellington Boots

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Hoggs Field sport also do a cotton lined wellie but I think the 4mm neoprene lining is a better option over the winter. Again they are a very comfortable wellie with great grip. I don’t think they will last much longer than other wellies in this price range maybe around a year depending on how well they are cared for but they are a snug boot in the winter and a great option for long walks.

No. 7

Viking Slagbjorn Winter Wellington

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The Viking company was born in Scandinavia in the 1920s so they should know a thing or two about how to keep out the cold by now. The viking slagbjorn which almost sounds like someone is calling you out on a challenge is a very well-made boot. Although the description on amazon does state they are vegan. I never heard of a vegan viking but I guess times are changing.

nonetheless I can’t fault these wellies only maybe the lace up top is not something I am overly gone on but that’s just me thinking of me dragging the laces through the cow dung or maybe even tripping over the ripped laces and falling in the cow dung. That’s just me nit picking and if I even cut off the laces I know that I would still have a quality wellie. I can tell that just by looking at them.

No. 6

Buckler Buckbootz S5 BBZ6000OR Orange Safety Wellington Boot

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The buckler buckbootz are a great option for a building site or anywhere else where you are spending the day working out in cold. As long as you don’t mind the high vis orange and blue colour. Being safety wellies they also have a steel toe cap and good grip. Made from neoprene they are very warm and comfortable. The downside is they are a little heavy and some have complained that they split after a few months of wear. I still think they are a good boot but they won’t last forever.

There is also a green version by buckler but they have also some reports of punchers or rips and while its only a small minority of customers there might be better options out there at this price, I still think they are a good option for a building site for winter where safety boots are required.

No. 5

ARIAT Mens Burford Insulated Wellies – Olive Green

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Ariat make a very good wellie but it is rather high end and expensive. Ariat are known for equestrian wear and country attire and might be better for sporting events than milking the cows. That being said they are still a good wellington for winter if you are willing to pay that much.

They have a shock absorbing EVA mid sole and neoprene lining which make for a comfortable warm wellington. They look stylish and are well-made and might even be higher up the list only for the price as I am basing this review on farmers winter wellies and am taking value into consideration too.

NO. 4

Muck Boots Men’s Arctic Ice Tall Rain Boot

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Muck boots arctic ice boots are a high quality winter boot as you could almost tell by just hearing the name. I think these have a much better grip than other wellies under the muck boot range but they are a bit more expensive than others in the range too. They are well-made comfortable warm and surprisingly light.

The downside is the price of muck boots in general and although small there has been some reports of failures splitting heals or rips which is why these boots are not further up the list. Saying that the vast majority of people are very happy with them and they are still a good quality muck boot.

No. 3

Gateway 1 Pro Shooter

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I have only heard good things about gateway 1 wellies and although they might be designed for hunting they will suit farmers perfectly well too. They are very well-made with a zip up the side and an adjustable back strap for an excellent snug fit.

They are said to be comfortable down to -40C with a 2mm g1-air spacer prevents condensation and circulation of the air in the boot. Extra reinforced foot from Japanese rubber. Molded EVA mid sole for extra insulation and good shock absorption.

In other words if you can afford these wellies and like the style I have no hesitation in recommending them I think there is very little difference between these and the top 2 on the winter wellies list and while I think the gateway 1 might have more style they are slightly more expensive than the Skellerup but there is very little in it. Read more about them here


Skellerup Quatro Insulated Welly Black Wellington Boot

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I can not find any negative reviews on these wellies just read the reviews if you don’t believe me. Skellerup are made in new Zealand they are a strong rubber boot lined with 4mm neoprene fleece. They are comfortable and warm with a great grip and will last a long time. I would almost say they are the best hard wearing farmers wellington on the market and are at a very good price for what you are getting

No. 1

Skellerup Quattro Sport Green Field Welly

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Trying hard to think of something bad to say about these wellies and to be honest its very hard to find a fault. Maybe the strap will sometimes open and you have to fasten it again or maybe they last too long and you will miss buying new wellies for yourself. I have a pair of skellerup quatro sport wellies and They are in the same condition as they were when I wrote about them last year when they were in the number 1 position in best mens wellies although they are really unisex like most wellies

They are just as good as the insulated skellerup quattros at number two but just with a little more style a higher heel height a pull on tab and a brown fastening strap at the side. They can be a little heavy in summer but even so after 3 years they are still the best pair of wellingtons I have ever owned and in my opinion well worth the money.


3 thoughts on “best winter wellies

  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece of information with us. I must say I really did enjoy going through your review as it contains valuable information one needs to be aware of. In my experience some cheaper wellies don’t last and will eventually crack or puncher letting water in some more expensive pairs will too but you might have more comfort walking around every day while they do last. I think this is the best winter wellies ever

  2. This made me smile, I haven’t had wellies since I was a kid. I love the high vis orange and blue one, the clashing colours just make me want them for the sake of having them. Honestly though, while part of me says I have no call for using them I recently got a dog, a dog who likes fields, and mud, and big big puddles, and reading your article I’ve started to think… My little suede boots are no match for mud, winter is coming. This might actually be a worthwhile investment. 

    I also didn’t know wellies could come with Zips! Learn something new everyday, that is now a need if I do decide to invest in some wellies. Seriously, I hated that tug of war you have with your foot to pull them off as a kid.

    1. Hi kelly I went through a good few pairs of wellies myself as a kid and probably left a few stuck in the mud somewhere. Back then they were cheap foot wear to keep your socks dry until a hole came in them. Over the last number of years the competition and quality in the wellie market has really heated up theres a lot more on offer than hunter or dunlop now with wellies for every season and every occasion at every price tag. if you were just buying a pair for a festival or to wear now and again something cheap would do fine. If you are planning on using them a lot over the winter then buy quality that will last your feet will thank you for it and they should outlast cheaper pairs by a long time. 

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