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Today I picked up the parkside cordless drill from Lidl. This is the PABSP 20-Li B2 model from their performance range. I needed a better drill anyway as the last one just didn’t have the power for the bigger jobs. I decided to go for the parkside drill for a few reasons.

A few weeks I purchased the parkside cordless grinder which needed a 4ah battery to work properly so I purchased a 4ah online as they only had 2ah ones in store As I already had 2 batteries that are interchangeable across the parkside range it just made sense to me to buy a drill to match.

The second reason was after coming across several reviews on the grinder before I purchased it I also came across a lot of information about the drill. The parkside performance range is the parkside top of the range tools and in my view very good value for money. While people get too wrapped up in brand names I tend to look more at the specs behind the tool.

The Specs

First off the drill comes with a 5 year warranty and that is saying something in itself. I put the receipt and the booklet in the filing cabinet when I came home where hopefully it will be for the next 5 years should I ever need it. The motor is a brushless motor which they claim has up to 10 times the life of other motors.

It has 21 torque settings with a max torque of 60Nm which is some amount of torque on this size of a drill. To give a rough guide on torque they claim that 4 to 15 Nm is fine for smaller screw drivers and drills around the house. Drilling small holes to hang curtain poles pictures etc.

15 to 35Nm is good for medium size jobs like drilling average size holes and will drive average size text screws and would be considered a good all-rounder size drill. 35Nm upwards is for more serious projects and will drill larger holes and drive bigger and longer screws. Well the parkside performance drill is 60Nm so should be up for any heavy-duty type of work.

Just a pity that it doesn’t have a hammer action but I guess SDS drills have taken over for heavy concrete drilling work. Its got a 2 speed motor with 0-500 rpm in first and 0-2000 rpm in second. A built in led light would be handy for working in dark corners and its got a 13mm metal chuck with radial locking.

It comes with the fast charger with up to 85% higher charging current and 2ah battery included as well as a handy belt clip that you can attach to the side of the drill. For such a powerful little drill the size is quite compact and I was surprised how small it was when I opened the box. Despite its small size it feels like a very solid and well put together in the hand and weighs just over 1.5 kg.

The Quality

It doesn’t feel like other light cheap plastic drills but is weighty solid and compact. In my view this drill is up there with the top range brands like Milwaukee, Makita but at a better price and a longer warranty. It is black incolour like all their performance range to distinguish them from their regular green range of tools.  I have brought some questionable tools from lidl in the past but in my view this parkside cordless drill comes out with top marks.

I don’t expect this drill will be left on the shelves for too long but if you did miss them in store you can always get one online here. Lidl do offer very good prices so probably best to get them in store if you can and keep your receipt in a safe place in case you ever need to return it.  If I had not already brought the cordless grinder a few weeks ago I would have picked up the angle grinder from their performance range today as it came with the 4Ah battery and charger

Overall I am happy with my drill purchase and might make a video of it working at a later stage when I have put it through its paces. For now, I will just include another video I came across online showing what it is capable of. If you have anything you would like to add you can always leave comments in the comment box below.






2 thoughts on “parkside cordless drill

  1. Good review thanks for sharing such, i was actually doing some research online when i saw your post here, i really like your site, i missed the drill in lidl but didnt know that you could buy them online until I read your article and I saw you had a link to the drill on amazon. The videos give an idea how good the drill is too.

  2. Hello there! this is a great review you have got here. This drill seems to be very well made, there’s no sense of it being cheap or shoddy. it’s robust, reliable, quite powerful and just as fast as my more professional Dewalt drill. I recommend it for everyone.

    Thanks for sharing your view on this product!

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