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winter coveralls

winter coveralls


Having first brought a pair of winter coveralls in lidl many years ago I was very impressed with how long they lasted and the good job they did at keeping out the bitter winter cold wind and rain.

Although they were not completely waterproof in prolonged heavy rain the canvas lining did a reasonable job at keeping it out in the short term while bringing cows in for milking or walking around the yard.

One downside to those coveralls was they didn’t come with a hood but as I remember they were still very good value for money and really came in useful during frosty periods of weather or when there was sleet or snow and bitter winds blowing outside.

At the time I remember this is like working in a sleeping bag. Lovely and cosy during winter but too hot to work in once spring arrives.

For some reason they seemed to have stopped selling them at lidl after a few winter seasons or at least I didn’t see them there so the next pair I brought was at an ex army shop in a nearby town.

They were black with a hood and were more comfortable to work in but were 3 times the price of the pair that lidl stocked. They didn’t last as long either and tore after a year. I went back to that shop to buy another pair only to hear that they no longer stocked them.

I can only conclude that there must not be great demand for them I suppose not everyone has to work outside in bitter winter days or not everyone likes wearing coveralls.

For those of us that have to go out in this weather even for short periods of time over the winter months I would highly recommend winter coveralls to keep you dry warm and clean.

As for budget there is a wide range in prices but personally I wouldn’t mind spending less than the price of a cup of coffee per day for something that would keep me dry and warm over the winter months

If you can’t find any at a shop locally amazon have a wide range of good quality winter coveralls to choose from here are my top 10.

No.10 Endurance Padded Coveralls

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A waterproof nylon coveralls with a quilted lining at a good price with the added benefit of a zip off hood. It also has lower zipped legs which could be handy to keep outside the boots or wellies when its raining heavy.

It is said to be a tight fit so maybe order a size larger than you normally would, overall they are a good budget winter coveralls but still that expensive enough to consider going to pay a little more for a better known or respected brands like dickies or helly hanson

No.9 Portwest S585GRRM

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The portwest S585GRRM are in my opinion similar to the coveralls that were sold in lidl with the extra benefit of a hood.

The hood is not padded or insulated either but at least it will break the wind and rain and you can always wear a hat underneath. They are warm and somewhat waterproof in that they will keep you dry for a certain amount of time before the rain gets through.

I would say good enough for winter farm work but if working outside on roads or a building site all day in heavy rain you will eventually get wet as the water seeps through the canvas like material

No.8 Dickies WD2360R NV


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Dickies WD2360R NV are a basic cotton and insulated coveralls that are not waterproof. They will keep you warm while working in a cold garage or shed but will not keep out rain or water.

They are worth considering for milking cows in frosty or snowy weather but don’t complain if you use them for power washing a house and get wet.

They don’t have a hood either and are really just a good quality padded boiler suit. Dickies are known for making good quality workwear and personally I would prefer them over portwest.

If you are going to be out in the rain a lot and want something waterproof I would recommend spending a little extra for the WP15000 version below as there is very little difference in price.


No.7 Portwest FR Anti-Static Winter Coverall

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Another nice comfortable coveralls from portwest that will be sure to keep you warm on the coldest of mornings. However, my own experience with portwest products I have found they are not in the same league as some more expensive brands so while these might well be a very good product for the price I would be incline to buy something further down the list.

Sure they are fireproofed material and insulated and have a warm hood but the price is a bit high in my opinion or maybe that’s just my experience of a bad product from them in the past. If they were on sale I would still consider them.


No.6 Dickies Waterproof Heavy Duty Padded Overall (WP15000)

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The WP1500 coveralls from dickies are a lot more waterproof than the WD2360r version above. They also come with a padded hood and quilted lining.

They have plenty pockets for carrying a flashlight a vice grips or any other tools you might need in a winters morning and will do a good job of keeping out sleet wind and rain too.

It is lightweight and comfortable to work in and wouldn’t say they are the most hard wearing coveralls but still worth the price to keep you dry and snug over the winter months. They are in green and black but are also sold in navy and black.


No.5 Helly Hansen Workwear Hi-Vis Overall”Alna

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I am a big fan of helly hanson workwear anyway from what I have seen they always make good quality products and for the price these coveralls seems like it will do all that you need to keep you dry and warm.

It is high vis too so would suit any work site or farm or even walks along dark roadways on a rainy winter evenings.

Unfortunately it does not have a hood and is not as heavy padded as some others but it is lightweight at only 1kg and easy to work in. It comes in 3 colour variations yellow/black orange/black and red/black.


No.4 Fristads Kansas Workwear

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The fristads kansas coveralls are another well-made high end durable overalls with everything you would expect to keep you warm and dry over the wet winter days except a hood.

For that price I would expect an insulated hood as there are cheaper better known coveralls out there and competition is strong around this price range. If it had a hood or was a little cheaper I would have it higher up the list but other than there is very little I can say wrong about it.


No.3 Dickies SA7000 ORN

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Its very hard to find anything bad to say about this SA7000 coveralls maybe it is a loose fitting so order a size smaller than normal it you prefer a tighter fit or that it only comes in high vis orange and navy or yellow and navy but that’s about it.

These coveralls is hard wearing warm comfortable lightweight and will keep you dry and warm where ever you are working. I honestly can’t knock it of find anything negative that’s worth commenting on.


No.2 Helly Hansen Workwear Hi-Vis All-Weather Jumpsuit ALTA

(click image for price)

Well designed smart fit another quality product from helly hanson. It is breathable lightweight and suitable for working in any conditions. Its only available in high vis yellow and charcoal or red and charcoal.

A very high end pair of coveralls with a price tag to match but then there are also a lot more expensive coveralls on the market. The alta is a heavy-duty insulated well-made suit with a hood to keep the wind and rain off. I think the name says it all when it comes to quality and style.


No.1 Helly Hansen Leknes

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The leknes suit from helly hanson comes in at number 1 for me there are plenty other coveralls some costing several hundred euros but this is something that can be used farming fishing walking the dog driving a motorbike and if you need to be seen in high vis there is a black and yellow version too.

It is sure to keep you dry and warm no matter what you are at and is from one of the best quality manufactures in the business. Although it is one of the most expensive coveralls on the list it is also the best in my opinion .

There are more expensive suits like mascot but how good do you need to get while they are hard wearing warm dry and everything else you could need they can still get ripped on a nail or something else sticking out of a place it should not be.

Still, this helly hanson suit comes in at the best in quality and value from my point of view.


Looking for something different

While it is not technically a coveralls I still think its worth a mention but it should probably be in another review I wrote about outdoor winter workwear which is about dungarees and jackets and they do have the advantage of being able to take off the jacket when the weather warms up as the one piece.

Coveralls are for days when there is going to be no warming up and you know you are going out in freezing winds or sideways sleet and snow.

still with over 800 positive reviews and a good price I felt it was worth making room for it here.


Imax Thermo Suit

(click image for price)

Wondering what to buy for Christmas this Imax thermo suit will be sure to keep anyone warm and comes with a detachable hood so you can strip layers off if you heat up.

As a best-seller from amazon and so many good reviews from buyers I felt it was worth a mention for someone who might be looking for something a little different from a one piece coveralls.

At the price I think it is a good contender especially for sport or recreation use like sea fishing in the arctic or climbing a mountain in January but it will work fine milking the cows too.

I always put time into researching products on sale so you may not have to but unless I have tried everything personally for a year or more I can still get it wrong sometimes. I base my ratings from other reviews online price and what I personally think of each product.

If anyone has a different experience I would love to hear about it in the comment section below so I can give a more accurate description and advice to others.

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  1. Wow, I thought these were just a commercial thing. You must get really cold winters! I once had some waterproofs for a walk in the peak district and I can say having the right outfit for the weather goes a long way to keeping warm and healthy. I dread to think how ill we would have gotten if we had faced that storm without any protection. The same can be said for winter wear, especially if you’re working in it! This is a great list with great advice. 

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