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Best ladies wellies

top 10 ladies wellies


This is my top 10 for ladies wellies, I am basing my reviews on my own research and my wives personal experience of different brands that she has owned. I will try to cover a broad price range so as to suit everyones budget. With so many makes on the market today I could do a top 100 so there will be some brands not on my list but for the sake of keeping this as short as possible here is my top 10 based on overall value for money quality and practicality.

While more expensive brands are usually more comfortable and often better quality any pair can tear or leak depending on how they are used and cared for. They should be washed and kept indoors away from direct sunlight after use to get the best life from them.

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No. 10 Dunlop Ladies Pricemaster Black Wellington Boots

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Good – Cheap Price

Bad – Large Size go for (DUO 19) if you are smaller than a size 7

The dunlop pricemaster is a standard cheap wellington made by a company that have been in the business for a long time. They are a large size but you can also get the (DUO 19) version if you have smaller feet under size 7 or if want to pay a bit extra for brighter colors like pink or purple. If you are just looking for something to do a bit of gardening or walk the dog then the dunlop are cheap and cheerful and a standard quality boot that won’t be beaten on price.


No 9 Polar Boot Womens Original Tall Side Buckle Dog Walking Snow Rain Waterproof Wellington Boot

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Good – Great price

Bad – Very narrow only suitable for thin legs

Although the polar boot is good value they are a small fitting and very tight around the calf of the leg therefore I can only recommend if you have thin calfs or legs and if you want to wear insoles or thick socks in the cold weather I would advise to by a size up from what you would normally wear. While they are not for everybody if you do get the right size to suit your leg they come in a wide range of bright colors and are a good quality and comfortable pair of wellies. Overall the price is good value for the quality you get.



No. 8 Lunar Womens Tartan Wellingtons

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Good – Nice design and price

Bad –  Can have poor grip on slippy surface

The lunar are another quality budget pair of wellies with a splash of fashion too. They come in tartan pink or green and they do stand out from the crowd. Its very hard to find negative reviews on these boots other than some people saying that they only lasted a year but if you want a pair that lasts for years move down the list and buy a more expensive pair. For the price they get the job done and look very good too. If I had to find a negative it would be that someone mentioned a poor grip on hard slippy surface so be careful in frosty weather.



No.7 Hunter Women Original Tall Wellington Boots

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Good – The Hunter name

Bad – Too expensive for the quality

Hunter is an iconic brand that had a name for making very good quality wellingtons unfortunately over the years in my opinion the price went up and the quality went down or at least failed to keep up with the competition. While you are buying a brand name wellie and the quality is good enough you will be paying for the name and you could get better value for money if you shop around. They can be tight around the calf so would be more suited to thin legs. They are still a well recognised brand name that should last around a year.

No.6 Joules Women’s Welly Print Wellington Boots

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Good – Very fashionable

Bad – Might not last for heavy-duty use

The joules comes in a wide range of very pretty designs and would be great for festivals or outdoor events if you want to be seen wearing stylish pair of wellies. Most are very happy with the joules with a small few people complaining that they did not last therefore I would recommend them as like a cheaper pair of hunters fine for average use which are also comfortable and stylish but if you want a top of the range pair that will last a long time you should possibly go for a more expensive pair. Overall a nice summertime wellingtons in plenty of colours.

No.5 Lakeland Active Women’s Rydal Neoprene Insulated Rubber Wellington Boots

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Good –  Comfortable and warm

Bad –  still not top of the range

Most are very happy with lake land they are nice and warm during the winter due to the neoprene insulation but might be a bit too warm for summer use. The heal kick rim tab makes them a bit easier to get off as they can be a bit tight on some with a wide calf. For most people the comfort of these wellies is the best thing about them so I would highly recommend them for winter use and long walks. At the price I would consider them good value and a cheaper alternative to the muck boots.



No.4 Muck Boots Women’s Arctic Sport Ii Tall Wellington Boots

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Good – Quality wellies in a nice range of colours

Bad – Soft rubber can puncture

The muck boots have made a name for themselves for being very comfortable and warm and this pair has rubber higher than some other models in their range so are more suited to puddles of water and muck. A small few people have complained of cracks or punchers to the rubber after months of wear which is not really good enough for a pair costing this much but it also has to be noted that most are very happy with them and any pair can get damaged no matter what the price. The muck boots are really good quality and depending on your size can be very good value too.

No.3 Gumleaf Viking Adult Unisex Hard Wearing Wellington Boot

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Good – Very nice high quality boots

Bad –   Not much

The gumleaf are not a very well-known brand but my wife has a pair of these with the last two years and speaks very highly of them and so they must be good if she is happy with them. This viking has good room around the calf and are made with insulated heavy-duty rubber, while also being very comfortable to wear. Another option for a narrower fit would be the Gumleaf WW1 which are a bit tighter around the calf. They are insulated so might be warm for mid summer but are very good quality wellingtons for the price.



No.2 Aigle Parcours 2 Vario, Unisex Adults’

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Good – Aigle well-known for quality wellingtons

Bad – Expensive but not indestructible


 The aigle has been around a good while now and has a name for making good quality wellingtons the parcours 2 have lots of very happy reviews from customers that purchased them with a small few complaints of leaks or cracks appearing after some months of use. I was really splitting hairs in putting this pair above the Gumleafs and only did so because the Aigle are better known with more sales and more reviews. At this price you would expect quality and comfort which the Aigle certainly has.



No.1 Le Chameau Vierzon Jersey Ld, Women’s Boots

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Good – Top brand wellies

Bad – Expensive price

Le Chameau have a top of the range name and are often the choice for Kate Middleton or members of the royal family. Being one of the best brands on the market they are both practical and fashionable and the vierzon jersey is not totally outrageous when it comes to price. The side straps do offer some adjustment but they are still not suitable if you have a wide calf. It would be hard to find a better pair that ticks all the boxes. If you wanted a cheaper pair and did not mind a unisex pair the skellerup quattro are also excellent quality and my No.1 in mens reviews but they are a little heavy and won’t have the same fashion or brand name like Le Chameau has which is why they are at No 1 for ladies wellies.



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4 thoughts on “Best ladies wellies

  1. My wife was looking for a new pair of good wellies for a while now, I just bought her the Muck Women’s Arctic Sport Ii Tall Wellington Boots, it’s nice that you shared this article allowing me to find such nice wellies to get her.I found it very informative Thank you for that!

  2. A great range of wellies for ladies. I didn’t even know that some wellies are costing over £100. Wellies, 4 to 1 are all over £100 and yet they still have reviews that say they don’t last very long. I guess the amount of use they  get determines how long they last.

    I can’t wear wellies as they never seem to have enough support around my ankles, can you recommend which of these you have in your article might give good ankle support?

    My husband always gets cheap wellies for himself, they seem to have lastec a longer time than high priced ones.

    1. Hi Louise if you are looking for something with comfort support and under  £100 I would suggest the gumleaf at number 3 or there is a link to the Skellerup quattro as an option at number both should be long lasting wellies .Ladies can be a difficult to recommend as some will want style or a brand name like hunters but that might not last too long. Others want light and comfortable but light rubber can puncture easily. Generally you get the quality you pay for the le Chameau might be overpriced but you are paying for a brand and you can see from the video how they are made.

      My advise is if you wear them a lot buy a good pair and have something comfortable for the extra price. If you are only wearing them on occasion then any pair will do and don’t rule out the mens wellies either as most are unisex anyway only some ladies have more style but if the pink color of fancy pattern doesn’t matter to you then any pair will do.

      The nora wellies under mens wellies are a very soft comfortable wellie too and a lot cheaper than other brands. All will have some negative reviews as everyone is different but if the majority of reviews are positive that would be a good indication  

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