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It is a wet day here today so I thought Id try a bit of marketing with something every farmer needs.

I will start with the best wellington boots for men as I have tried a lot of pairs on over the years. It used to be the case that id just pick up a pair at the local shop, but today there is literally hundreds to chose from and with such a large variety out there I will have a go at picking 10 of the best. Finding the right number one will be down to you the time of year and your budget but as they are something every farmer or outdoor walker will use I will put them in order of what I think is the best and try to have a range of prices to suit every budget.

My advice would be if you are only going to be wearing a pair now and again for a short time any pair should do. If on the other hand you are going to be going for long walks or wearing them all day everyday then go for a good pair that are both comfortable and warm your feet will thank you for it in the long run.

This is my short review of what I consider to be the top 10




  • Good very affordable price
  • Bad average quality but still good for the price

The best value cheap bog standard wellies. They might not be the best but won’t be beaten on value. If your on a budget or just want a pair for the young lad of part-time farmer who only wears wellingtons when they feel like doing a bit of work then these are the pair to go for. Dunlop have being making wellingtons for a long time and these are a cheap comfortable pair that will help keep the socks dry. While they are at number at 10 on the list they should come in at number 1 for value.

No.9 JCB Hydromaster Safety Wellington Boots

  • Good Comfort and price
  • Bad Can feel a bit heavy

The JCB hydro master are a heavy-duty safety wellington with plenty of grip. They are comfortable and not tight-fitting and will accommodate a good pair of thick of socks in the cold weather or you could order a size down if you want a tighter fitting. Ideal for mucky conditions with a steel toe cap and tough as nails and they would look great on the fastrack or the digger. The hydro master are easy to get on and off thanks to the boot release tab on the heal but can be a bit heavy if you are doing miles of walking otherwise JCB have done a good job overall in making a tough durable comfortable wellie at a very good price.

No.8 Lakeland Active Men’s Grasmere Waterproof Insulated Garden Shoes with Memory Foam Insole

  • Good Very comfortable
  • Bad Only for dry areas or summer use

Ok so its not really a wellington but they could be handy in a farrowing room or if you have ever been stuck on the tractor during a heatwave with no air conditioning then you know how it feels to either want to either cut the top off of the wellies or through them out the door and drive on with no shoes. Lakeland have the answer with these grasmere waterproof garden shoes. They are very lightweight and extremely comfortable have good grip and will save you from ruining your Sunday shoes around the farm. It would be like working in your bedroom slippers and as they are very easy to wash you don’t have to worry about getting them covered in cow dung.

No. 7 Dunlop Mens Genuine Heava ‘Acifort’ Heavy Duty Agricultural Wellingtons

  • Good Wear all year round
  • Bad Loose fitting

Another heavy-duty pair of wellingtons from Dunlop they are a large enough fitting so thick socks or get a half size down. The Acifort are comfortable to walk around in winter or summer although they are not insulated in very cold weather. Overall a good all rounder that are not too heavy and have plenty of grip. A good pair for wearing around the farm all day long and at a reasonable price too. The only complaint I heard lads making about them is that a few cracked or leaked after around a year which is not too bad when you consider there price.

No.6 Cotswold Mens Kew Neoprene Welly Olive

  • Good Comfortable with plenty room
  • Bad Wide fitting only

The Cotswold kew neoprene wellington is a high end boot and while a bit more expensive it is a very comfortable fit they would suit a wide calf and have good room around the ankle in other words if you have skinny legs like two match sticks buy something else as they are more suited to a heavier leg. The Cotswold are an all year round wellie and you should not be too hot in summer or cold in the winter overall though they are excellent quality boots with neoprene lining to keep your feet snug all year round. You can get them in black, green, or even barney the dinosaur purple.

No.5 Nora Plain PVC Wellingtons



  • Good One of the most comfortable very flexible
  • Bad Can puncher easily and cold in winter

Haveing owned a few pairs of these I have to put them in as one of the most comfortable wellingtons on the market and light as a feather. It is hard to get away from them once you had a pair although they can be cool in very cold weather. In my view what makes them so good is the softness of the PVC rubber and the lightweight of the boot which has great comfort and grip. Unfortunately that is also there downfall and why they are not further up the list because they are so light with soft flexible rubber they tend to tear or puncher easily just like a tube in a tyre brilliant while its working but once you hit a sharp edge of anything you will be left standing in soggy socks. That being said if you can get over the fact they might spring a leak sometime they are still one of the most comfortable summer wellies you can get and at a reasonable price too.


No.4 Lakeland Active Men’s Rydal Neoprene Insulated Rubber Wellington Boots

  • Good Light and warm
  • Bad Sole seems light 


The lakeland active is another great wellington for walking and comfort they are both lightweight and warm due to the neoprene lining and they are waterproof up to the top as well . The sole is a bit light which would make me worry that it might puncher easily but then they do say a have a steel reinforced sole but i definitely wouldn’t like to stand on a nail with them to test that out. On the other hand the light sole is also what makes them so comfortable you could walk all day in them whether you are hunting fishing or farming. The kick off rim is handy for getting them off when muddy. While they are getting a bit pricey the lakeland active is also a quality rubber wellington.

No.3 LE CHAMEAU 1927 Men’s Chasseur Neoprene Lined Boots



  • Good You will look very posh at the mart
  • Bad The outrageous price


I wasn’t even going to put the Le Chameau on the list but in order to try to accommodate all tastes I put them at number three for the crack!

Not many farmers are going to buy a pair of these even though they are probably a very good wellington and if you are the kind of man who thinks the dunlops on number 10 of the list will do grand you will probably think the lad that buys these wellies would want a bating with a blackthorn stick. That’s because the Le Chameau are a top designer brand worn by lads like prince harry and Kate Middleton. A handcrafted heritage premium neoprene lined zip boot, that is instantly recognizable to the gentry of upper class society. You are paying for the brand like Hunter or Aigle which are also good wellingtons but in my view are overpriced for an everyday wellie. However, if you want to be seen wearing the top brand of designer wellie that money can buy knock yourself out.


No.2 Muck Boots Unisex Adults’ Wetland’s Men Wellington Boots

  • Good Almost perfect in everyway
  • Bad Poor grip on slippy hard surface


While I have not owned a pair of muck boots yet I have done some research on the brand and most have very good reviews on them. All the muck boot range are comfortable and cozy wellies ideal in the winter and great for walking. These muck boots come in two colors brown or brown and tan which is enough as a pair of black and tans probably would not sell in somewhere like cork. For everyday ware they are perfect across fields or rough terran but are slippy on hard wet surfaces so I don’t think they are for a dairy farmer on a frosty morning which is the big downfall of an otherwise perfect wellington. If you want a tough comfy wellie that should last a few years they are still worth considering.


No.1 Skellerup Quattro Sport Green Field Welly Wellington



  • Good Very durable and comfortable
  • Bad Can be a bit heavy in warm weather


Having owned a pair of the Skellerup quattro with the last two years I can testify to how good they really are which is why they have a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Made in New Zealand they are a proper quality heavy-duty wellington that should last for years. Very comfortable to wear a snug fit that are warm in the winter with great grip on any kind of terrain. While they are comfortable to wear and walk in If I had to find a negative point it would be that they are a little on the heavy side not that you would really notice it but if like me you walked over hilly ground for hours on a hot summers day then you would find it on the legs. A perfect thing for me would be a pair of Nora PVC for the summer and the Skellerup for the rest of the year. Initially I was slow spending this much on a pair of wellingtons but after a lot of reviewing I made the purchase and after two years I think they should last me for many years yet.


Me in my Number 1 pair of wellies Outstanding in my field!

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5 thoughts on “Best wellington boots men

  1. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. it really dragged my attention i just could it i really think that this boots are wonderful and they are also sold at affordable prices also in i really loved the  way you listed the boots in an orderly manner i really think am going to get one for my partner thanks for sharing this with me 

  2. Well, I always like to get a good boot since I work and the construction site. The very popular yellow ones do not provide as much protection and comfort as I’d want. But here you have ten different products on review. I think from your list, I like the JCB Hydromaster Safety Wellington Boots. It seems really cool to me. Thank you so much for sharing the details about it here.

  3. Hi there, thanks for this article I know it would be of some help to me as I have been looking to buy a pair that will last with a while now. Do you think the slellerups are worth the money I have always just brought dunlop’s at half the price. Are there any faults with them since you got your pair. what are the advantages or disadvantages over any other pair.

    1. I don’t sell them so it is just based on my own experience. As a dairy farmer I went through a good few pairs of dunlops puroforts myself as well as many other pairs like noras belkinis etc. The skellerups are made of thicker rubber and neperone lining with make them a lot more durable and less likely to puncture than wellies with lighter rubber.

      They are also IMO better made and more comfortable to wear. The only downside I could think of is because of the thicker rubber they are a little bit heavier but I really only notice that in summertime when its too hot to be wearing wellies anyway.  

      For me they were well worth the price because I have never had a pair to last me this long. It will also depend on what you are buying them for and how often you wear wellies. The skellerups are a tough robust pair of wellies for everyday use which might be a bit costly if you are only needing to wear wellies a few times a year.

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