corona virus protection

corona virus protection


As corona virus protection seems to be a hot topic I thought I would write a little about is even though it has nothing to do with what I normally write about. First off there seems to be bit of hysteria or panic about the virus which is understandable but shops getting sold out of face masks and hand sanitizer might be a bit over the top.

The mortality rate for people who have the virus is still pretty low for most at around 2% for older people or someone with other medical problems that rate rises for example the mortality rate for people over 80 could be up to 15% but from my understanding the SARS virus some years back had a higher mortality rate than the corona virus.

I just want to update on what I have stated above as I now feel we should be taking self isolation more seriously


Surgical masks that people are buying offer little or no protection against the virus and there is no evidence that even anti viral masks will prevent it because it can also get in through your eyes or from surfaces onto hands and then to your mouth when eating . The best way to avoid it is just to stay away from other people and wash your hands regularly.

I know little about the virus so you can read that from other sources like here but what I am going to list is some PPE protection for chemical spraying.

So if you are determined to get yourself face mask you could try the ones below or something rated at N95 or above. N95 filters out 95% of all airborne particles and droplets and are rated as both antiviral and as protection against chemical sprays. N100 is better again and claims to filter out 99.7%

What I am linking to below is for farmers or gardeners who want to protect themselves against dust or while spraying, as is mandatory under health and safety for pesticide application. What you buy it for is up to you but as far as I am aware there is no evidence that any mask will prevent against the corona virus.

Lyanty Anti Pollution Dust Mask, N95 Mask Protective

(Click image for price)

Lyanty is a high quality adhesive composite sponge fabricsour allergy dust mask can block 95% of the dust, vehicle exhaust, chemicals,particulates,gas,pollen,smoke,fumes,anti PM 2.5 and haze.

They also claim that it keeps you safe from fog, smog, dust, smells, germs, bacteria, viruses, vehicle exhaust, air pollution, allergens, and humidity thus keeping you healthy and safe from many diseases.


Lightweight Full Face Chemical mask Anti-Gas Mask Acid Dust Respirator Paint Pesticide Spray Silicone Filter Face Mask

(Click image for price)

The full face mask does away with the need for separate goggles and can be used as protection from all types of airborne dust an spray vapors. It probably would be a bit much on a hot day in the tractor but at least all areas of exposed skin would be covered wearing gloves and a suit with this mask.

Respirator NASUM Dust Mask Paint Mask, for Painting, Dust, Particulate, Chemicals,

(Click image for price)

This kit includes goggles and face mask with changeable filters and claims to protect from 99.95% of dust and vapor droplets in the air.

SafeComfort Coverall/Chemical Protective Suit Model H – PPE Cat. Type 5/6


(Click image for price)

Dont forget the full chemical suit for full body protection particle and limited spray-tight

The Model H weighs on average less than 50 g/m² and is nevertheless particularly tear-resistant, robust and resistant to abrasion the SafeComfort chemical protection suit model H meets the CE standards EN 13034, EN ISO 13982-1.

 Gas Mask Full Face Protection Pesticide Formaldehyde Toxic Gas Anti-Virus Activated Carbon Filter Industrial Military Safety Respirator,B

(Click image for price)

If you are worried about slurry gas or maybe WW3 or the end of the world this full face gas mask should protect you from almost anything

The activated carbon filter can effectively protect daily industrial gas pollution, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, etc. The canister protects against chemical toxic gases, nerve agents, mustard gas, cyanide, arsenide and phosgene, radioactive and highly toxic particles, aerosols and microorganisms, bacteria and viruses.

This canister is not allowed to be used in a carbon monoxide environment. When the mask is not in use, the can lid and bottom plug of the canister should be tightly closed and placed in a cool place. The canister should be stored in a dry, clean, ventilated and heat-resistant warehouse.

Heavy Duty Black Nitrile Disposable Gloves

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Finally to complete the kit nitrile gloves that probably do more to prevent the spread of infection than anything else are cheaper to buy here than the co op store used for handling chemicals keeping hands clean from bacteria or germs which could also be useful for milking the cows




9 thoughts on “corona virus protection

  1. Hello,

    Thank you for your article. I appreciate your effort in putting the information all together. Great job.

    As you said, the surgical masks will not offer protection against the virus. As I know, this is not an air virus, that is why we need to be careful of the contact with another persons. Where I am living we are in isolation for 15 days and if we go out for emergency situations, we need to wear gloves. Anyway, thank you for sharing and offering the diversity of masks, I hope you are safe and not surrounded by panic.

  2. I love it. Coronavirus has nothing to do with your usual content, and the contents of this article have relatively little to do with coronavirus 🙂 But from another angle, maybe the virus is making people more aware of health in general? What do you think? I feel like people tend to be pretty much careless about their health until something happens and then all of a sudden all mayhem breaks loose and there’s no more hand sanitizers and toilet paper in the stores.

  3. Hello, this is a very interesting blog and highly topical. There is a considerable amount of concern in the world with this virus and I think it is helpful that you have added some practical suggestions on how top prevent the risk of catching this highly virulent virus.  Clearly washing hands and using hand sanitisers is very important as well as the appropriate use of face masks. The dust mask seems like a good one. And the lightweight chemical mask makes a lot of sense, particularly those who may have a family member they are treating or for anybody who is rather nervous about catching this virus but still needs to travel or more about town.  The chemical suit is another level altogether for those in the emergency services or again, perhaps for those treating a family member at home.

    Do you have any recommendations to enhance or strengthen your immune system at this time?

    The video at the end is also very helpful in terms of sharing information.  Thank you for an interesting and timely post.

    1. Hi Trevor the masks that I have mentioned are for the agriculture sector and for spraying chemicals on weeds or crops. I cant say if they will protect against the virus. The sellers say that they do offer protection against viruses but nobody understands covid 19 only best to wash hands and keep some distance from other people


  4. I like the way in which you point out that a face mask will probably not keep you safe from getting the corona virus. I have heard that there are 2 types of masks that will prevent the virus, but these have been commandeered bygoverments and authorities to be used for medical staff. Some of the masks that you highlight do look as if you will survive a bomb attack with them.

    The disposable gloves are essential not to touch any surfaces where the virus might be. Hand sanitizers and washing your hands as aften as possible, and specially if you have been out and about, is essential. These should keep us safe.

    1. Yes I usually just write about farm related stuff but this is something I think is important and it affects everyone I wrote another article about the virus and why they need to slow down the rate of transmission here

  5. Awesome article on this virus. I did not know it was so many mask. I only knew of two. Ones that the doctors and surgeons where when do surgery so they won’t get germs on their patients and the other that is for training’s to improve their breathing and cardio. Do you really think one of these mask could work with a healthy person for the virus?

    1. There are different opinions about masks but I cant see them doing any harm the best thing would be to wash your hands often and every time you come home

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