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frogg toggs rainwear

frogg toggs rain gear


frogg toggs rain wear is an American company that specialize in lightweight rain gear. With the weather we get in Ireland rain is never too far away. There are literary hundreds of brands to choose from frogg toggs rain wear does have some advantages and disadvantages over the others They have a wide range of rain gear in a wide range of prices and they do seem to make some very good quality breathable products.

It is worth noting though that old saying that you get what you pay for and you would be better to pay for what you need rather than looking for the cheapest price and buying something that’s not up to the task for your needs. For example a lightweight poncho might be fine for keeping, you dry while out on a walk or short hike on a mountain but it’s not going to work if you are working in an industrial setting power washing sheds all day.

They do make some very light gear that is perfect for hiking in the rain, milking cows in wet weather checking the sheep on the hill or any other reason you might want to be outside on a wet day. Although they are an American company they are made in china like most products today.

The quality is lightweight and made from lightweight material which can be a disadvantage in certain areas for example great for long walks and breathable to prevent sweating but not good for walking through briars and bushes as they can tear easily

To list of some of there products I will start again with the least expensive and give a brief description of what they are like and what they might be used for.

Frogg Toggs Men’s Ultra-Lite2 Waterproof Breathable Poncho

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The lightweight poncho is fine for light rain washing down yards milking etc. It is very large fitting so bear this in mind if you are a smaller size. It comes in a range of colours from black blue green or kakai. It’s not the strongest of material but it is lightweight and cheap and would be fine for lightweight work. Like keeping, you dry and clean when you are walking out in the rain or around the yard.

I can’t say that it’s on of their best products but at a price of under 10 quid I think it’s good value and gets the job done. The material is light and I would imagine that it would rip quite easily but an advantage is that it is quick and easy to get on and off and light and breathable and comfortable to wear but it is a large size.

Frogg toggs also do an emergency poncho for around half the price but I couldn’t really recommend it. It might be OK to have in your pocket if you think you could get caught out at a football match or a summer hike as long as you don’t mind looking like you are wearing a plastic bag.

FROGG TOGGS Ultra Lite2 Rain Suit

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The ultra lite2 has a lot of mixed reviews but mostly positive. I think most of the negative remarks are from people who brought it with the wrong use in mind. The clue is in the name ultra light if you have ever seen those white disposable cover alls then these are similar but with a waterproof layer.

very light easy to move around in will keep the rain out but will tear easily especially if you get a pair that is too small for you. So why would anyone want a pair of waterproofs that will tear easily? the main reason is because they are light and anybody who has spent a few hours hiking up a mountain sweating in a pair of heavy waterproofs will know exactly what I am talking about. These are lightweight breathable and will keep you dry and cool enough to work in whether around the farm yard on a long walk with the dog or hiking up a mountain

again the are not very expensive for some light work and what they do but in my opinion if you are looking for something for a lot of heavy-duty power washing or out on a motorcycle with rain and water hitting you from every angle then buy something else it might cost a bit more but the most important thing is it will do the job you need it for and will keep you dry in the job that you are doing.

If you want to pay extra for something a bit more stylish for jogging or running in town they also do a Extreme light range


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The best way I could describe the pro lite is it’s like the ultra lite but with a slight step up in quality. They are still very lightweight and more suitable for keeping cool and staying dry rather than any heavy work where you would be likely to snag and tear them on things. Perfect for walking running or driving around on the the farm on a quad. They are a bit more expensive than the ultra lite but they also come in a greater range of colours. So if you are picky about the colour you want they might be the right option for you.

FROGG TOGGS Men’s Grand Chesapeake Bootfoot Chest Wader

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What the chesapeake offers is a more stylish jacket with more protection around the neck and a removable hood. Although the jacket or pants don’t have any pockets that can be a good thing as there is not openings for the water to get in. Even if you are just after a good lightweight waterproof jacket I would recommend this package as if you take the price for the jacket on it’s own you are getting the pants almost free of charge. I think it’s a good price for what you are getting as long as it is what you need. That is a good lightweight set to keep you cool and dry during the summer and Autumn.

FROGG TOGGS Cascades Sportsman’s Pack Jacket

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So if pockets are important to you of your into fishing or sports that might require you to carry around things in your pocket like a knife for opening silage bales then the cascades sporting jacket might fit the bill. Although to be fair I think this jacket might be a bit too good for working around the farm. It will have it’s uses whether that’s biking fishing or hiking it will keep you dry and comfortable. Again it is a step up in price compared to the others however it still comes in at a reasonable price compared to other brands for a lightweight sports and hiking jacket.


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whether you want to go fishing or spend a week power washing sheds the helbender waders should keep you dry. They are moving into big money and as I said at the start you get what you pay for. Maybe more for summer fishing on a boat than farming but you van always use it for both. I know as someone who has spent many a day working in wet gear sometimes it is worth paying that bit extra to stay dry and have comfort while you work.

Again it is down to what you need it for and I think I have explained as best I can what you can expect from the frogs toggs product range. They are all lightweight summer rain gear so if you are trying to find something that looks like it’s made from a tube out of a tractor look elsewhere.
A lot of frogs toggs rain gear is paper thin and paper light which is not every ones cup of tea but they are well respected for making light rain gear and have their advantages.

Personally I would try the ultra lite pair or the poncho for light use unless I was really into more serious hiking or outdoor sports. You can read more about their range on their website or I have included a video review below.

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  1. It sounds like you have done a thorough review of the frogg toggs rainwear. It seems that your review of the different needs and wants of the customer is understandable. You would consider the quality of the product and if it would meet your desired outcome. Do you need the product for cold weather climate or just a rainy fall afternoon? 

    1. I think for a rainy afternoon or hiking working outdoors etc. The main advantage is that they are very light.

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